A sampling of just a few of the field services we offer...


Trial Preparation

Our investigators can look through your file, determine which entities need to be served, and prepare our own subpoenas.

We can coordinate your expert witnesses, track down your deposed witnesses, and make sure your medical records and films arrive certified in court. Just about the only thing we leave you to do is to try the case.

Intakes (Sign-ups)

For many personal injury firms, our company is the "We" in "We will come to you!" when it comes to new cases. After taking in the full details of the case, our office can conduct an immediate investigation of the details.

From Medical Malpractice, to Motor Vehicle accidents, to Falls, we have the experience to evaluate a case and help your office to determine if the case is right for your firm.

Site Evaluations

Legal photography and site diagrams with measurements are areas in which we specialize. Many firms with which we do business attach our diagrams to their Notices of Claim, and later ask us to have them enlarged along with our photographs for trial purposes.